Care Instructions

Cotton Lycra and Bamboo Lycra

• We recommend our handmade clothes to be turned inside out before washed in the washing machine

• Recommended washing temperature is cold wash but if necessary it can be washed in warm water 30-40 degrees (this may cause colour run so please use a colour catcher as a precaution)

• Iron on medium heat

• Do not tumble dry but if absolutely necessary do so on low heat. Recommended to be hung dried in the shade - sun exposure may cause some fading

• We recommend fabric to be prewashed before use, wash one print/design at a time to avoid dye transfers and we recommend using colour catchers. There may be some shrinkage that will occur of a maximum of 4-5%

PUL | Polyurethane Laminate Fabric

• We recommend washing between 40-60 degrees but not any higher as it may cause permanent damage to the laminated film and cause delamination

• Do not iron and dry clean

• Do not tumble dry

• Hang dry indoors or in a heavily shaded area (indoors is recommended as UV can be damaging to the laminated layer on the fabric

Bamboo Velour | Cotton Velour | Flanellete | Minky

• Machine wash between 20-60 degrees (no more than 60)

• Tumble dry or hang dry in shade

• Do not iron or dry clean (unnecessary)

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