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Round Updates

Round Round Status Manufacturing Status
Preorder Round 1 Ended 3/12/20

Order sent - 3/12/20
Production finished - 10/12/20          Shipment is in transit to HQ (Has arrived at TNT Depot and is due to be delivered soon) 15/12/20 
Completed 16/12/20

Preorder Round 2 Ended 4/1/21

Order sent and finalised 5/1/21

Currently in production 6/1/21

In transit to HQ ETA 28/01/21



Round 3





Currently in production

1/4/31 Part of shipment is set to be in transit after the Easter holiday 

PUL, Cotton Lycra has arrived. Cotton French Terry has been delayed due to printing errors.

CFT - in transit via Express ETA 10/5/21

Round 4

12/4/21 Currently in production Estimate time finish 21/5/21




Most of our Round 3 fabric has arrived (PUL and Cotton Lycra) although there are some delays with Cotton French Terry as the manufacturer has been having printing errors where the WOF of the print is less than 1m. They are doing their best to get it printed correctly for us and send it to us via express. We are terribly sorry for the delays, we will be sending notice via email to the affected orders. Thank you so much for your patience during this Round!

Last updated - 26/4/21

Please note there will be 4-6 weeks turnaround for the fabric to arrive at our HQ and an additional 1-2 weeks from us to you.
We will try to provide the fabric in continuous length but in some cases we may not be able to do so. If you really need your fabric to be in a continuous length please email us right away at info@maylarosecreations.com

The turnaround time will be from the date of when the round closes.

Once the round closes we will be updating you on the order in this page.

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